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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Day 9: Thieves Oil

Oh my goodness, I don't know if there are enough word to describe how amazing Thieves oil is!!  It smells like fall and holidays and baked goods.  It cleans wonderfully, and it is a great support to your immune system.  Thieves was one of the first oils that I learned about when I was just starting to discover essential oils, and it's easy to see why it hooked me!  I love using Thieves, diluted in carrier oil, on my children and myself at night, as we're working to avoid the back-to-school-bugs that we're all being exposed to.  We put it on our feet and up and down our spines.  As I type, I have Thieves diffusing in the kitchen.  I have added it to warm water with honey for a delicious and comforting tea, and I have added it to my washing machine to freshen our clothes.  
This is an amazing oil, and one that every oil user I know loves!  If you would like help getting this or other oils, please send a message.  And if you want your own PremiumStarter Kit (which includes all of the oils we're looking at during this challenge) click here to get started!

Reminder: I am not medically trained, and the information I write in these posts are based on my experiences with essential oils.  If you have questions about oils for medicinal purposes, please talk with a trained medical professional.