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Monday, September 7, 2015

Day 3: Frankincense Oil

I've struggled for a long time to write a post about Frankincense oil and how much I've come to love it, but I am not even sure where to begin. Much of what you hear, see, or read about the amazing benefits of Frankincense oil is related to specific medical conditions, and as I am not a doctor, have no medical training, and try to write only of my own experience with oils, I don't want to give the impression of giving medical advice.  But as it is the next oil up in my Young Living "Get-to-know-your-oils-14-day-challenge", I am going to attempt to share my passion for daily use of Frankincense oil.

 Most of us have heard of Frankincense Oil - a particularly famous story involving a certain baby in a manger, a trio of wisemen, and some gifts upon the Child's birth has made frankincense well known. I have never looked into why frankincense was considered a gift significant enough to bring to the Christ Child.  There are many theories about why these three gifts were given to Jesus at birth, and one is that the gifts were practical in nature.  Some feel the reason that frankincense was given was  that it was well known at that point in time of the healing powers, and it was given as a gift because if was considered to be an essential part of healing practice.

For me, I have to say I have never done any reading or research into Frankincense oil before the last 6 months or so, and I am shocked that I haven't heard of its benefits before.  Every time I read something new, I just keep thinking "Why aren't more people talking about this?!?!?!?!"  In a matter of weeks it went from being something I had only heard about in December each year to being my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE OIL!!!!

What's all the fuss about? Here's just a sample
Dr. Axe - Frankincense Oil
Frankincense Oil for Skincare

When I first smelled frankincense oil, I was not sold - I felt like it was too strong and musty smelling for me.  I have to say that now it is one of my favorite smelling oils.  I am immediately calmed and uplifted by the smell of it.  I have grown to love adding it to my diffuser combos, DIY skincare products, and just smelling it "neat" and un-blended.

Want to learn more?  Feel free to message me.  And if you're ready to make essential oils a part of your daily life, too, click here to get your own Premium Starter Kit.