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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Day 11: Stress Away

Stress Away is an oil I absolutely LOVE!  It was my first oil blend that I tried, chosen because of the name - it said it would do exactly what I needed an oil to do, I loved the smell from the very beginning and I have to say, I have not been disappointed with the results, either.  I wear this like perfume on work days, finding that I can approach busy schedules and difficult situations with a more calm and rational head.  When I feel the familiar indications of anxiety creeping up, Stress Away on my neck and wrists immediately help settle my nerves.  I also love diffusing this oil for a calm atmosphere.  I have heard of people using this to help them fall asleep.  This one doesn't tend to make me tired, just calm.  

I can't say enough about this oil.  It is one I have with me at work, in my purse, and at home.  In my opinion, if you're only interested in trying one essential oil to see how you like them, this is the one to try!

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Reminder: I am not medically trained, and the information I write in these posts are based on my experiences with essential oils.  If you have questions about oils for medicinal purposes, please talk with a trained medical professional.