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Friday, May 8, 2015

Choosing a Supplier

If you read my first post, you know that I am relatively new to the world of oils.  When I decided to really do some research into what they might do for me, I saw one message over and over.  It's the same message I give to you right now - DO YOUR RESEARCH!  There are many oil providers out there, and anyone who is committing to a lifestyle that includes essential oils needs to go with something they trust.  If you're doing it right,  your initial switch to oils will require some time and some money up front, so it's worth it to do the initial legwork.  I started out looking at what other bloggers said about their research.  Admittedly, I did not purchase from every company I researched, but I did try a few different types of oils.  No matter where I looked, a few names popped up repeatedly:

Native American Nutritionals
Rocky Mountain Oils
Young Living

I also tried some oils from
Now Foods
Healing Solutions

I initially headed into my research completely opposed to any company that had a MLM structure, and determined to find the cheapest way to integrate oils into my life.  What I learned was completely consistent with what I read on other sites:
-you get what you pay for
-some companies have a very transparent "trail" from where the products are grown to where they are distributed (including all phases of the manufacturing process)
-not all oils are the same
-there are lots of deceptive terms out there regarding purity and oil grades
-there is no right answer to which oils are the best.  Everyone needs to make that decision individually based on their needs and their preferences.
-things like customer service, ease of ordering, clarity of descriptions, and testimonials from people like me are valid considerations.

Ultimately, I surprised myself by choosing Young Living oils.  I had many reasons for this decision, which I'm happy to share if you would like to message me for more information.  There has not been a moment since making this decision where I've questioned or regretted it.  One reason I chose Young Living is because I could try it out without a commitment of any kind.  Members like myself can purchase oils at wholesale prices and share with those who just want to try it out.  So if you're tempted or curious, and you want a commitment free way to try the oils, message me and we can make that happen!  If you're interested in becoming a Young Living member, click here!